CERCLE DIPLOMATIQUE is Austria’s leading and only bilingual medium for the diplomatic corps, International Organizations, as well as decision-makers from politics, tourism, and art & culture in Austria. As such, it pursues an international, bi- & multilateral, as well as pluralistic editorial and cooperation policy, generally guided, as necessary, by the applicable universal guidelines of the United Nations (including, e.g., for protocol and invitation regimes). Against that backdrop, any opinions, boundaries and names shown and the designations used in any article, map, illustration and/or reference throughout its publications and its other materials/activities do not imply any hard/final judgement, endorsement, and/or acceptance with regard to potential political/legal/international disputes and conflicts, and/or the legal status of any state, country, territory, city, or any area or its authorities, or with regard to the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries. In any case, CERCLE DIPLOMATIQUE reserves the right to decide on these and other policy issues in specific individual cases, if necessary, at its own discretion.